10. 12. 2016, sobota, Drum’n’Bass ENRAGE vol. 4. [A-Cray, Marath, Orey, Cynch, Magnolik, Nsucker]

Bude to přesně rok a pět dní od první D&B Enrage a proto jsme si pro vás připravili překvapení, rozbourat bastion přijede český talentovaný producent a dj „A-Cray“!


➔ Těšit se můžeš na brutální sound, točený pivko, fotbálek, plně zásobenej bar a hlavně neskutečnej D´n´B nářez.

Neodigital / Titan / Eatbrain
Ondřej Krejčík, known by his stage name A-Cray, is a drum’n’bass DJ and a producer from Slaný, the Czech Republic. He had found his very first digital audio workstation (Fruity Loops) in 2008, but he devoted himself mainly to drum’n’bass in the beginning of 2010, when he switched from Fruity Loops to Cubase and began to perform as a DJ. Thanks to advice from the producer Hemoglobin in March 2012 (when he was only 17 years old), he released his song Escape on ZENITH MUSIC. He meets Tom SMall, who significantly helps him to improve his sound; in May of 2012 they released a joint EP called Mall Ray. In addition to next EP on DEAFMUTED RECORDS, which was released in July of 2012, A-Cray makes a success as a DJ, becomes a member of TOUCH THE JUNGLE and thanks to Zenith Music and DJ Stantha he plays along with stars such as Alix Perez, or Mefjus. In early 2013, his songs appeared on labels like SYNDROME AUDIO, MINDTECH, IM: LTD or BLACK SEEDS RECORDINGS.